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Emergency Tips


Emergency Oil Service Tips:

  • No Heat or No Hot Water? Please check before you call:
  • If oil burner won't start...Check to see that the switch is on (red switch located at top of the cellar stairs or on the boiler)
  • Make sure that the circuit breaker or fuse is not blown.
  • Check your fuel storage tank gauge to see if you have oil.
  • Check your thermostat.
  • Press reset button one time ONLY.
  • If your heating system still does not start, call for service at (631) 475.8996

Oil Heating Efficiency Tips

Service your system annually and consider replacing older systems. If your system is over twenty years old, and efficiency is low, consider replacing it. It’s not unusual for homeowners to experience a 20% fuel saving after upgrading from an old system to a new high-efficiency system.

Ask your serviceman if your nozzle can be ‘downsized.’ Smaller nozzles allow the system to run longer while burning the same amount of fuel, thus increasing the on-time and operating efficiency. This is a no-cost option.

Inspect your oil tank regularly for any sign of leakage. Oil tanks tend to leak from the bottom first; run your hand under the bottom to detect any areas of dampness. If you suspect water in the oil (particularly with outside tanks), ask your serviceman to ‘dip’ your tank. This test will reveal the amount of water, if any, sitting on the bottom of your tank. If necessary, it can be pumped out to prevent corrosion. Some newer tanks have the outlet at the bottom of the tank to ensure that water is removed as soon as it forms, thus preventing corrosion. Contact your fuel oil supplier for details.

Make sure the air filters are replaced/cleaned as required on warm air distribution system. With hot water distribution systems, fix leaks promptly and ensure air locks are not compromising water movement.


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